Sunday, January 18, 2009

S.cience I.nnovation C.ompany

I hate, I repeat HATE, blogging on Sundays. But, occasionally something pops up that is just AMAZING, and can't be ignored, and it has to be taken care of immediately. Even on a Sunday.

Like this. A special group gift from Sick. We all know how I feel about Sick, it's an automatic, I LIVE for Sick. This jacket lives up to everything you'd expect from Sick, exquisite details, the hot way their make their details glow, man, I can hardly explain the feelings I have about Sick.To get this amazing jacket, you need to be in the Sick Resident group, which is open, and available in my profile if you can't find it. This is a group I would recommend NEVER leaving. Ever. Even if it means the end of the world. But, that's just me.

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