Sunday, December 12, 2010

The One Where Trickett Forgets How Wide The Blog Is, Again

And has to unhappily rescale her pictures which she spent a surprisingly long time measuring out the pixels on but is too lazy to redo them all. (This is why I like Paint, I can count the pixels. This is also, partially, why it takes forever.)

Anyway. A couple of weeks ago, before my computer died from dust overload, I decided to download Viewer 2 because I wanted to utilise the tattoo layers and because every other viewer that uses them hates me. I am taking the ability to rez things over the rubbish interface. Since then I've been looking out for tattoo layer freebies across the grid. :3
Also: free hair. :D

If you're sick of all the antlers and hooves on the grid you can adopt a seal-like disposition with this seal tattoo, a hunt prize from T&P. :3 There's a lack of interesting head gear and feasible tails for seal-people though. x: It was a store I found browsing through some Flickr pictures. It sells a lot of big shiny eyes. :3 There's a couple of clown make-ups out for 5L but officially-broke Trickett decided she may come back for those another day.

Elegant Epiffany was a store I found a last month. I think it was through a blog but unfortunately I don't remember which. x.x Since then the owner has very kindly gifted a lot of skins she's been working on and several make-up packs to her group as well as regularly changing her midnight mania (group only) board. These were a couple of the latest ones. The top ones are part of a pack available in the archive for a few more days and the bottoms ones are Christmas freebies available to everyone. There's also a Christmas themed lucky chair. :3

The back of the tattoo reads "...don't club me" but it was difficult to get a pose showing both the make-ups and the back without looking like my mother was part-seal, part-owl. Slight-fail blogger moment. You could club me for it but I will be using my antlers in self-defense. :3

I copied SLURLs from map so hopefully they're not messed up, they look suspicious. <.<

First Picture
Hair // Yuna's Hair // Group Gift (Fatpack)
Seal Make-Up / Eyes / Chest Tattoo // T&P // Winter Animal Lovers Hunt

Second Picture
Hair // Eha // Store Gift (Fatpack)
Eyes // T&P // Subscriber Gift
Top Eye Make-Ups // Elegant Epiffany // Group Gift
Bottom Eye Make-Ups // Elegant Epiffany // Christmas Gifts
Chest Tattoo // T&P // We Love Animal's Hunt

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