Monday, December 1, 2008

BadKatz and [KA]

OK. If I see Second life walking down the street, I'm going to punch it in it's stupid face. Hear that SL? Right in the face. /me grumbles I'll teach you to log me off for a sim going down three times in one day and then not letting me log back on...jerk.


Two places you should go today: BadKatz and [KA] Designs.

KA has this lovely dress out for it's first advent calendar day hunt. Everyday a new gift box will be out.

And at BadKatz there are freebies all over the place, I am sure i didn't get them all.

And they are not just in the boxes laying around like the latex ball gown above and the silks below, they are also mixed in with the regular vendors. So check it out. I am going to try to log back in. Wish me luck :p

P.S.- the tan skin is also free, but I didn't have time to write down the store name and slurl before SL punted me. I'll have an update in a bit.

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