Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cakes, Curls, Callie, and Kata

Some goodies for ya to lighten the mood of my hate post, heehee.

First off, go to Calliefornia and get this cute tartan bean bag for 0L, and check out the pink sale she's having. Pretty much everything pink is either 25L or 50L, including the tarty party dress and this lovely leopard print dress I am wearing. I believe there are group gift bits at the store for Calliefornia members as well. The lovely curly-ish hair I am wearing is this month's group gift from TekuTeku. Wear your tag and touch the sign in the store to receive it.

This super cute cake is free at Cutie Honey for all. It says merry Christmas in case you can't read the top.

The cake dispenses edible slices and forks to those who touch it. Fun for parties! And don't forget to pick up the group gifts and other freebies while your there, and camp for that cow Wrenja wrote about!! Lucky chair tooooo!

And also a reminder here that Katat0nik re-released the plaid butterfly skirt dollarbie in an updated, colo rchange version (that has glitch pants, so no more uh-oh no panties situations). The matching space cake hoodies are only 75L each too!And there are still snow monsters to be won from the random prize orb too.

Okies, have fun everyone!

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