Friday, December 5, 2008

Dark Goddess Designs

Head over to Dark Goddess Designs to find tons of lucky chairs, lucky gifts, prize pyramids, and a lucky fortune for all your demony needs!

This outfit shows a tail and shoulder spikes i got from some lucky chairs. *Love* them. You have to see the way the tail moves to really appreciate it.

The hooves and horns i received as a gift for modeling for DGD in a fashion show, so they are not free, but they are very fairly priced. (250L I think for the hooves, correct me if I'm wrong) The best part of the hooves (besides the intricate detail!) is that they have a flame setting. You use a gesture to turn the fire on and off and it looks soooo cool at nite.

There are also piles of cheapies under a tree for the Christmas season. I only had time to get one of them, but it is this great flickering tongue for only 1L (it is one of the 1L unisex gifts). The Christmas cheapies go up to I think 50L, but I hear that they get even better as the price goes up, so you may want to check them out.

I did not win the lucky fortune prize yet, but it is an AWESOME beating heart that you can see inside your body through a portal. See it to believe it! All of DGD's prim and sculpted items are just very detailed and a lot are even scripted or come with gestures to make them even more cool.

Clothing: bought it at Chaospire like a year or more ago, not sure if it is still there.
Skin: previous group gift from SinDecade
Hair: previous gift from Tousled
Eyes: Dilly Dolls
Pose: Striking Poses

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