Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fantasma Opening and MiaSnow Gift!

OK. I am on a time limit here so I am gonna be quick. Fantasma SIM opened on 12-1-08. many awesome things to be found for free or 1L. Here are some:

Tank and earrings by Schadenfreude

Skirt and leggings by Silent Sparrow, shirt and socks by Twosome

Skirt by Silent Sparrow, shirt free by Nightshade Designs (not at Fantasma opening)
Dress by Alchemy

This skin is also a gift from MiaSnow at her store, not Fantasma. The Button Eyes are by MiaSnow also and are 50L.

I did not include an LM to the stores which are on the Fantasma opening, since you can just go there and make the rounds and see all the awesome places! The SIM is great and I plan on spending mucho dinero there in the future.

All the skins are found there too, with the exception of the MiaSnow one. The MiaSnow gift is in her store and a tray of treats!

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