Sunday, December 7, 2008

Free Shoooooes

Gotta love free shoes. Well I have a few pairs for ya today.

First up head over to Ms. Shoez and go up the stairs to find a fireplace with stockings hanging from it. One of the stockings holds a gift of these red festive shoes. Limited time, so hurry!

Xonx got a call in the group to go sit in an X chair and she did. Good thing too because she won these lovely platforms from Unique Needs! There are several chairs there and lots of people waiting, so it shouldn't be too hard to get your letter. The shoes come in this silver/white...

..and the light blue. I am not sure if there are other colors in the chair, I..I mean Xonx, of course...was only lucky enough to win two pairs.

The striped socks are by Sock Shop and are part of a big pack of holiday socks that are only 1L. I was having trouble rezzing system layers today so my photo really doesn't do them justice.

OK have a shoe-riffic time.

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