Saturday, December 6, 2008

Frosty the snow man...

What? What's this? HUNT AT LOCO POCOS WEEEEE!!!
The future of hunts seems to be in HUDs. So you want to teleport to the Christmas hunt area, click PLAY and attach the HUD. You're looking for 12 ornaments, and they are ALL over the island. In the special teleport areas, in the store, EVERYWHERE. When you've found them all, return to the hunt start area, and click on the treasure chest (not shown)

So what do you win?Just wanted to get some color...

A tiny snowman av! If you do some of the other puzzles along the way you will win even more, but those quests are always on Loco Pocos Island, so you aren't in any rush to get them done. The other quests give bags full of gems, pirate hats and other fun things! This snowman av is fantastic, and comes with a hud to change mood, eye color and lots of other things, it's SO cute! You know you want it.

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