Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Treats 2008

Tis the season, and it's a season of giving. Here is a collected list of the current daily presents that are all across the grid. Some are advent calendars, some are hunts, some are boxes! Keep in mind a few of the presents offered are dollarbies. If you find we are missing a location, or a SLURL is faulty leave a comment and we'll keep things up to date and correct! Happy Holidays!

Also, if you own a store you'd like added to the list. Please let one of us know. Do not spam us.

**AFD** - Daily present
[KA] – Changing daily gift hunt
ALB – Advent Calendar (Use search)
Alli&Ali (Group Only) - Daily present (On desk)
Angel's Designs – Changing daily letter
Annuarisu – Mini present hunt
Artilleri (Group Only) – Daily present
Atomic Kitties -12 days of christmas
Audacity Hair – Daily gift on board
Baby Monkey – Advent Calendar
Blood Diamond Jewelry
ChaosLotus – New daily present under tree
Crazy Bitch – Changing daily letter, Lucky Santa, Lucky Presents
Damiani (Group Only) – Advent Calendar
Devilfish - 12 days of Christmas
DYN (Group Only) – New daily present under tree
Dilly dolls – Changing daily letter
Earthsong Creations – Advent Calendar
EK&T – Advent Calendar
Elemiah (Group Only) – Daily gift under tree
Fae Deisgns – Changing daily stocking
Fairy Unique – Advent Calendar
Fierce - Advent Calendar
Fnordian Furniture - Advent Letter Countdown
G&N – Advent Calendar
Gemini – Daily present
Gothic Shop - Advent Calendar
Gwendolyn Cassini - Changing daily letter
HannaHH - Daily Freebie. (You have to look around the store for a toxic looking reindeer. He is green and will be on the daily free outfit of the day.)
Island Depot – Daily gift hunt
Ivalde (Group Only) – New daily present under tree
JF Fashion Design – Advent Calendar
Joanne Capras – Advent Calendar
KOSH & Concrete Flowers – New daily present under tree
Lemania Indigo – Changing present under tree
Lions and Butterflies - Advent Calendar
Locos Pocos – New daily present under tree
Magika – Changing daily gift hunt
MEM - Advent Stockings (Second floor)
Moon Dance Designs – Advent Calendar
Nadas – Advent Calendar
Orchid Dreams – Changing daily letter
Pacific Estates - Advent Calendar, Lucky Santa, Lucky Presents
Reaction – New daily present under tree
S&S – Daily present
SLC Fashion – Advent Calendar
Sari's – Advent Calendar
Serendipity Isle - Advent Calendar
Shipwreck Bay – Advent Calendar
Solo - Advent Calendar
Style Attack – Daily calendar
Sways Creations – Find the password to get the present
Sweet Nothings – Weekly present
The Age & Country Hotel and Market – Advent Calendar
Wrong – New daily present under tree


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sileny said...

You can also IM Wrenja Czazkes or Sileny Noel inworld if you have a location not on the list! Or even Prudence Skytower XD

sileny said...

Wrenja Czaczkes that is.

Atriel Starbrook said...

Wowie! Great List!