Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Schadenfreude and =Feather=

So today I FINALLY won the blue outfit in the =Feather= lucky chair that I blogged ages and ages ago. Thank you Alexx!! Anyway, back to reporting the goods!

Head on down to Schadenfreude and buy this cute cute cute Christmas stocking for 0L. It has a hold animation in it, but you could hang it up too if ya wanted. But it's not just cute! It also gives out presents when you click it!

There are just tons if cute things in it, including these gorgeous antlers:

And way more things, like this mouth candy cane and neck wreath. I haven't even gotten all the gifts yet!

OH! Speaking of =Feather=, if you are quick and join the update group you can check the notices for this cute piece of cake and fork with eating animation.

OK my sweets, have fun!


jmb said...

Great all the images are back. This is very cute.
jmb balogh in SL

Anonymous said...

i emptied my sock and couldn't find those gorgeous antlers.

i'm desperate to get them! Any hints?

sileny said...

Hmm. Did you click on the sock to edit it and then check the contents? You can drag items from the contents to your inventory.

Alexx Usbourne said...

You look adorable! Glad I could help you! (and thanks for callin me over!) Muah!

Anonymous said...

yes i did, couldnt find any antlers but my bedroom was a candy factory!

I got the sock from inside the elephant, is there another one?