Friday, December 5, 2008

Skin Party V 4.0 (I think)

OK, Here goes another round of skin freebies! As of earlier today, all of these are still available!

This one is either from the lucky chair at Aiko or it was free. i can't remember. But either way, Aiko has freebies and lucky chair skins! LOL. They are Eloh mods, but the eyebrows are really dramatic and interesting.

This one is free at Rosy Mood...

...and so is this one! Yay!This one is by Bejambled and is a limited time freebie, so scoot!

This one is Lemania Indigo's advent gift for today (well, part of today's gift) and i *think* she keeps her advent gifts up longer than just one day, or at least there were past ones available when I was there.

This skin is from the [Obscene] group notices. Join and check notices to get.

This skin comes with three shade, two of which i have shown here.

OK! That's skin party for today. See ya sooooooon!

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