Saturday, December 6, 2008

Skin Party V 5.0

Hey hey hey. Another skin party so soon? Well, I am in a partying mood, what can i say.

I am going to limit the comments. Just let you bask in the glow of the skin awesomeness.

Here is one tone of the free skin available from [42].

Here is one tone of the POE hunt free skin from [42].

Here is the new dollarbie skin from MiaSnow. Click the candy can on the treat tray to buy. It also comes with a free shape, which I am not wearing in this photo.

Here is a skin I won in a lucky chair at On the Catwalk.

And finally, here is one shade of the free POE skin from On the Catwalk.

The hair is one of the new releases freebies from House of Heart, just click the sign in the long hair, updo's, or short hair section to buy for 0L. It does not come with the bangs!! I had those bangs from their hair fair gift.

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