Sunday, December 7, 2008

snow snow snow :D

A few days ago I got to sneak a peak at the newest hoofies coming to Lazy Places, and have been impatiently waiting ever since. Well today I was rewarded, well not really, cause I still had to pay for them, but they are now mine(squeeeeee). But on top of that LP has dropped all kinds of freebies and dollarbies and cheapies all over the place. First up are a couple of dollarbies, there is a peppermint stick (pictured below) and a candy cane available, they are interactive, so when people click on them all kinds of fun things happen.Peppermint Stick - 1L

Next up are a new goodie, there are three of them available in certain shops across the grid. Spoonfuls, of love, of winter love, there are three in total, two of which are under the Christmas tree on the Axis Mundi sim for 25L, and another available in the new Lazy Places shop on the Sugarmill Shops sim which is free!
So finally we find ourselves before the winter hoofies. They are fucking amazing, they leave a snow trail with hoof prints/pawprints depending on the style you get. Better yet, they kick up snow. You thought that was enough? Oh no, they come with a snow cloud too. I can hardly stand the awesome. They retail for 350L, and are totally worth it. Right now, I believe they are only at the Sugarmill Shops location

The cloud is amazing. It's all churning and tempestuous, I love it. I tried my best to show off the snow trail and the hoof prints in it below, I might try retaking the pictures later. I just hate blogging on Sundays xP Anyway, get to Lazy Places to partake in the awesome.


Alistaire Cain said...

Rewarded but not really? God forbid you pay a designer for their hard work for a piece you actually really want.

Wrenja said...

I advise ,moving on into the future, you not take things so seriously :|

I've gladly paid for multiple pairs of boots from Lazy Places, and if I wasn't happy to pay for them I WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT THEM.

sileny said...

Yeah, anyone that knows Wrenja or I knows that we spend a lot of money in might want to check your facts before you go posting idiotic, uninformed comments.

This is not the nice people's blog. This isn't the blog where everyone is smiling and we don't get free samples dropped on us left and right like some blogs. We do this for love of the creations. AND we post way more than freebies, we post sales AND full priced items we love because we DO think you should pay designers for their hard work.

Don't jump on every little thing you can possibly squeeze into being some sort of insult and eat a bowl of STFU.