Sunday, July 4, 2010

black cats, snakes, and sparklers, OH MY!

Happy Fourth of July my darlings. Last night we had an exceptionally special treat when my favorite Katat0nik dropped the first group gift in what seems like FOREVER. And to think I'd considered leaving at one point. Shame on me. Diligence has been rewarded, with this gorgeous new dress, complete with socks and two skirt options (bustle or traditional skirt). If you aren't in the group, the process to get in is to make a purchase of 250L or more and wait for her to send you a group invite. Totally worth it if you ask me, ugh it's lovely. AND DON'T BLOW YOUR HANDS OFF TODAY ALRIGHT?

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Desiree Debruyere said...

Dammit! I thought katat0nik had left the grid so I left the group. sigh I always get in the wrong line at the grocery store, too.