Saturday, July 3, 2010

To the victor, go the spoils

In mere hours The Bacchanal will disappear once again, with no word of when or where it might turn up again. The current installation is chock with exclusive deals, colors and goodies you might well never see again, if not only in price!

I'm in love with this release from Arsenic Lace, it's exciting, sassy and dangerous. Own the room, and intimidate it, that's really the only way, isn't it?

+DV8+ shows their worth with this fun set in an exclusive color that will disappear forever once The Bacchanal packs up. Heels, Kitteh Boots, clothes and a hat are available, and all are crazy fun. This is not to be missed.

Closing out The Bacchanal is always a sad time, but at least you can take home these gorgeous goodies, including 'Jamie' from +++Blue Blood+++. Changeable to be sexy or sweet, you'll find the color and style you need to command the attention of everyone you encounter.

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