Monday, October 18, 2010

Preditorial (still not a word.)

Now that Jewelry Fair is over and a fair amount of other stuff is taken care of I can get back to showing off the gorgeous new skins from De La Soul. I was really excited about the one I'm showing you today 'Howl'. When I saw it I knew exactly how I wanted to present it, and then League put out their 50L Friday native dress a few days later, and that sealed the deal. And yes, for those of you who picked up on it, the post title is me ripping on ANTM from a few weeks ago.

Every De La Soul skin comes with a pile of options, cleavage, freckles, blush, as well a selection of shapes to go along with it if you so choose. It's exciting to see Miss Destiny branching out into the human realm so that we can all get to know her style and talents in whatever way is most comfortable for us. Definitely give these skins a demo if nothing else. They are beautifully done, and nicely textured.

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