Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear Purple

Today is a pretty important day, an effort is being made to help bring awareness to the rash of GLBT suicides that have been plaguing the nation recently. Today, all across the grid, and the country, people will be wearing purple to help shine a light on a problem that hasn't been getting as much attention as it should. I know this is something that hits home for a lot of us especially those of us in the fashion community. I'd be devastated if my best friend, who happens to be gay, were to commit suicide. I'm fortunate in the fact that he is probably one of the feistiest I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and I'd be totally lost without him. But regardless, today we wear purple to show solidarity with our friends and family in the GLBT community, and let them know that they don't have to suffer in silence.

A lot of shops across the grid will be providing lovely purple gifts for you to help you in your efforts. Miamai has this gorgeous purple shirt, that has a bottom piece to turn it into an awesome bodysuit for free, and for today only. There is a men's style as well available so don't feel left out guys! I paired it with the new Mei Li jewelry set from Ticky Tacky, which isn't an official Wear Purple day event item, but it's beautiful anyway.

I'm also providing a couple of videos, the first being Fort Worth city council member Joel Burns discussing the suicides, and going into detail about the problem, and his message to the young GLBT community. The second being from the campaign to end prop 8. It's funny, it makes a good point. Enjoy it, and enjoy today. Straight Talk About Gay Marriage from on Vimeo.

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