Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Are you constantly grimacing or just gritting your teeth at other people's idiocy? Well, wear that sentiment on your wrist.

Kawaii Style - 200 L

This cutie is part of Kawaii Style's new watch line. There are six different watches with different emotions, at 200L each. In store there are also a lot of cute freebies, from capris to tank tops, and bracelets. Sorrowburn is totally generous to her customers, as there is also a Lucky chair packed to the gills with goodies, including one of the above mentioned watches, in the "Surprised" style.


jmb said...

Hi Wrenja,

welcome to the blogosphere. I'll have to get one of these watches to go with my free virtual cellphone from the Telus store.

I've put you on my bloglines feed along with the other SL blogs I follow.

regards from fellow Lucky Chair Stalker, JMB Balogh in SL.

Wrenja said...

Thanks JMB :D