Monday, September 29, 2008


Pretty isn't it? Well, guess what? It's 1L. That's right, 1L. Violet Voltaire was feeling particularly generous tonight and dropped this lovely little gem right in our greedy little laps. Best part about this? 1L? Nope, it comes in six colors! They are hiding all over the grid though! Luckily, I've got the hookup, so here you go

The Onyx eternity band is found at Lucky Kitty Crew headquarters
The Diamond eternity band is found at Free Style
The rest of them are in the little church next to the Violet Voltaire main store

While you're at Violet Voltaire, Pick this lovely set up. It's been moved from inside the store, to the little church with the other new dollarbies. It's lovely on and the best part is this Key.

Surprise! It's 1 L too! That's 1L for the necklace, earrings AND Doll Key. Sweet.

Now this, this you'll find in the Lucky Chair in the Violet Voltaire store. The chair is a cruel beast, and will keep you waiting as long as inhumanly possible. This is exclusive to the lucky chair so get it while you can!

Finally the crown jewel. This lovely set is also in the Lucky Chair, and unlike the necklace above can be bought when you get to the point of pulling out your hair waiting for your letter to come up. Funny story, I waited all day for this, then as my letter came up, SL disconnected me for no particular reason. A good time was had by all.

Free in the lucky chair, or 200 L at Violet Voltaire

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jmb said...

I feel your pain. My letter came up for some great boots at Door Mouse and just as I was accepting them into my inventory I crashed. Never did get those boots since the chair has been changed to something else.