Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween part eleventy hundred

Whos that cute 'lil witch?

So by now I'm sure we all know Little Heaven has chairs all over the place. Lots of hair chairs, and clothing chairs as well. The clothing chairs have some GREAT costumes in them, and lucky me, I was able to snag a few. First let's meet a slightly deranged Cinderella.

I told my sisters I was tired.

While that is very, very nice, the crown jewel would be the pink witch set, which fronted this post. This is two different prizes in the lucky chairs, one of the prizes is the broom and the other is the outfit *covets*. Worry not! If you just can't take trying to get both of the prizes, there is another broom in the garbage can at the entrance to the clothing store on the Little Heaven sim. These pictures detail how obnoxiously cute I am... and the different broom positions that come with the lucky chair broom. I'm pretty sure they are the same as the positions on the freebie broom, but I don't want to say so and then be wrong. I'm never wrong, I'm a Scorpio ;x


jmb said...

I managed to get the witch costume but did not know about the broom and could not even find the freebie broom. Boo hoo.

If I might make a suggestion, it would be nice if you could link the place to a SLURL in your posts. I love that when I am reading the other freebie blogs who do that and if I am interested in something I just click and off I go.

Wrenja said...

I do post slurls, they might be hard to find though, since they are the same color as the regular type, I suppose I could change that.

jmb said...

Why so you do. You can see them clearly in bloglines but not in the posts themselves. I always change the colour of the links in my posts since they are very pale blue in my template and get lost otherwise.

I don't know what would stand out against the black background, I guess you can play and see.