Monday, September 29, 2008

Spo0kity treats!

I'm between homes right now, so had to sneak on to one of my friend's lands to take pictures of this for you guys (tee hee, I'm wiley.) Anyway, there is a teeny tiny mini-hunt going on at COYURA CREATION on the HPMD sim for halloween. There are only two items to be found, but the treasures are so cute, you really don't want to pass this up.

Prize 1 - Transparent Cobwebs

Prize 2 - Jack o' lantern

Both prizes are copy/ modify, so you can adjust size, and the cobwebs are tintable! Don't miss these two, probably some of the best Halloween deco we'll see this year. I won't give coords, but both boxes around around the shop, and don't forget to look up high ^^

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