Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Morning

I'm a sleepy girl, I was kept up late on the phone and then woken up by garbage man, and I have an icky bug bite on my hand now. Lame. You know what's not lame tho? A couple of things. Pendulum (ugh, I love it. here. OR HERE omg I die), tissues with lotion, and RAYSKIN HAS A NEW FREEBIE. I've been meaning to post this since Sunday, but I hate posting on Sunday, and yesterday I was short on time. So here. If you love foodies, you need this. Cause... the hat. Mmmmm whipped cream and sprinkles

When you go to get this freebie, you'll notice Rayskin has a new building being built! I wonder what will so inside >< squeeeeeeee

p.s. for all you snotty junglists out there, Pendulum = teh shit whether you can admit to it or not.

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sileny said...

me me me i'm in this pic tooooooo