Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The (un)Official CSR Buying Guide

So we're all excited about CSR, some of us chomping at the bit to get our prizes already. I know I'm among them. But you have to wonder, 'what's the best value for my money?". Fact is, in a lot of cases you only have to spend 100L to get your stamp card. But where? And, what? There are a lot of stores involved and it takes a lot of work to comb through each store to find the good deals. Some stores don't let a card go for under 300L, others have cards in all of their items 100L and over. Who? Well, that's the function of this guide. I've gone through each store and found all of the items costing from 100L to around 150L, there are a few higher, but not much, to make your shopping easier. Now, obviously, if you can't live without the 850L item that has the stamp card, go ahead and get it! But if you're on a budget, well, this might help.

All the stores I'm listing have items for sale between 100L-150L which include stamp cards. If you don't see a store on the list, that is because nothing in the store within that price range has a card. So these are your verified best buys for winter CSR 2008.

Ce Cubic Effect

Long Length Jeans M&F - 110L
Songbird Suede Belts -120L
Stoles - 150L


Rusty Spring -100L
  • -comes in Devil, Elephant or Monkey
Daryl Party Monster - 100L
Hana Hat - 100L
Tatterdamelion - 100L
  • - You have a choice of five different plushies in this line
Monster - 150L
  • - Comes in Lub, Hate and Sadness (I bought two of these last CSR, totally cute.)
Brown Buster - 150L
Meat Baby - 150 L

Curious Kitties

Sus Shirt - 120 L
Ailjyuin Top - 150L
Amtogan Top - 150L
Kalyu Shirt - 150L
Kelt Top -150
Sainao Boots -150L

*DP* YumYum

Laundry Set - 100L
Barber hair in styles 9,10 & 11 -120L


Oriental Tea Cup - 100L
Oriental Tea Pot - 120L
Roses - 120L
Teddies in the Teddy Vendor - 120L
3 Tier Stand - 150L
Little Garden Strawberry (outfit) 150L

Gritty kitty

-All of the CSR qualified items are at or under 150L, so Just look for the CSR logo on the bottom of the vendor ad, they are for the most part on the display wall directly in front of you when you enter the store. But the best buy is the Morrigan Head wings off on the right wall, for 100L


- Childlike Hair - 150L
  • There are two styles available

- Doll eyes - 130L (bought these last CSR, love them.)
- Doll Short Jacket - 150L
- Doll Digital Neko Tail - 150L


-M.D. Whip 150L
-M.D. Whipsword -150L


Antique Books - 100L
Festival Bench - 100L
Festival Cart - 120L
Headdress -120L
Cheese set 160L


Travel Bag - 120L
Worker Belt - 130L
Canned Food - 130L
SeeSaw -150L
Trampoline - 150L
Rain boots -150L
Squirrel Backpack - 150L
Stationary Belt - 150L


- All of the hair in the store ranges from 150-170L


Rucksack - 125L
A13 Belt - 125L
Kurou Worker Boots - 150L

Sweetest Goodbye

Spider Top (on the second floor) -120L
Finn - 150L
Petal Shirts - 150L
Ripped Heart Jeans - 160L


Water Tank - 100L
Super Egg Pack - 100L
Kanji Mufflers - 120L


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