Friday, December 5, 2008

MiaSnow made shoes?!?!

Yes she did! Is there anything MiaSnow can't make? Because I have liked basically everything her and Sofia London of lurvebite have ever done. <3 them. Anyway, back to the shoes.

Over at MiaSnow there are shoes now! And two pairs with a Christmas theme are on sale for only 40L. The non-Christmas ones are 200L.

The first pair is the cute cute cute green pair with cherries on the tops and candy canes in the back! Yum-cute!

The second pair I will totally wear all year 'round. Stripes, cherries, love.

And i can't help but post my new skin purchase. After getting the frost skin freebie, i totally had to pick up another blue skin for Xonx. This skin is only 400L, so even though it is not free, for such a high quality skin it is a pretty darn good deal.

OK I love you all. See you inworld!!

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