Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretty Woman

It amuses me that this song came on the radio while I was taking pictures. I'm listening to Art Bell talk to Michio Kaku, and it's not a music show, so that sort of serendipity amused the hell out of me. I am pretty though, huh? Well, that would be thanks to Mimikri. Mimikri opened a new sim on Sunday and she and her partner in crime S. Olbers have gifts for you!
has this gorgeous dress for you. The way it sits and the textures are beautiful, there is a little train you can't see since I'm sitting, but rest assured this dress is a show stopper. S.Olbers is giving you an amaaaaaaaaaaazing pair of heels. These shoes are so beautifully crafted, I don't know how anyone can wear poorly made shoes when you can find stuff like this (for free in this instance) on the grid. Go! Go get pretties and while you're at it buy stuff, like these pants, that I blogged earlier, but I'm still so in love with them I can hardly stand it!

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