Sunday, November 30, 2008


I love Navina Waco. She is totally adorable, and has one of the most fantastic stores around. It's called Cutie Honey, and has been blogged very limitedly recently. Fact is, she has adorable clothes, adorable pose items and now, she has a group.

Santa outfit #2 - 198L
Christmas tree set - Cutie Honey Group Gift

NOT ANOTHER GROUP! I know, but this is a group you should for really consider. Right now there are two group gifts out, including a set of six different colored Christmas trees, two of which are shown above (they play Christmas carols when you click on them!). On top of that, she has the most amazing Christmas outfits I've seen on the grid so far this season. Everything from classic sexy Santa, to the kind of rocker girl sexy Santa that I'm wearing.

On top of that, there is a 10 minute group camp for this adorable ridable cowcow. 2009 is year of the cow, and it's strange to think that next year is so close, but man, think about it! 2009 Is only 31 days away!

There is also a lucky chair! Have I mentioned how much I *love* vendors who are generous? Another thing to mention about these Santa outfits is the reindeer antlers. They glow, and when you click them, they play Christmas carols. I also LOVE tiny details that make the outfits that much better.

On top of allllllll of that, she has really cute stuff just in general. Amazingly cute pose sets, for great prices, and she's totally fun to hang out with to boot. Finally, there is a free set of black pigtails to be had near the back of the store next to the stairs. So get to Cutie Honey, join the group, and partake in the plethora of fun stuff available. Hang out, get to know Navina and her fantastic creations, you'll have a pile of fun, I promise!

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