Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Blog Post Written From Behind My Cat

As he cleans himself in front of my screen. x:
It's probably worthwhile mentioning we got new Internet a few weeks back and it's rather awful. So to compound with my general lagginess, I have occasional disconnections. x: All in all, trying to take professional, quality photographs is not so fun. :/ And for some reason entirely meant to cover-up my procrastination, I haven't organised a pose stand like I've been meaning to do for months. x: But I managed to snag a shot of something for you.

There's a retirement sale at Pididdle, up the stairs between the two red barriers. Everything is 35L-100L, I think, including the Insectivore Lien skins. I'm not sure when the sale ends and I think everything in it will be removed from the store afterwards.
The skin is an opening gift at the new Obscene store. There's also a preview skin in the Beta stages in the group archives. The group has a 100L join fee. I'd have given you close ups but SL refused to rez my clothing changes and crashed me and I lost patience and gave up. :3 I think there'll be previews on other blogs, I'm not always the most updated when it comes to blogs, I just wanted to post something. x:

Top - Pididdle - 50L - Retirement Sale
Skin - The Obscene - Opening Gift


Wednesday said...

oo where did those antlers come from? They are just adorable!!

Trickett Nightfire said...

Antlers are from Illusions.