Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nothing like a good old fashioned nightmare to wake you up at 4 am, and get some work done. You probably don't know that I have a pretty bad zombie issue. Not from movies, but I had a series of stress dreams a few years ago that kinda ruined zombies for me for life. So zombie dream = me up at 4 am working to try and push it out of my mind. Why I'm working in the dark is another issue entirely, but I'm half asleep and seem to be ignoring it pretty well so far. ANYWAY, pretties.

This is a new limited edition dress set from the Dollhouse at LVS & Co. I couldn't help myself when I saw it, and snatched it up, running off to take pictures. As opposed to a dolly key, the set comes with a drawstring, which is something you don't see too often, and kind of made me smile. This set will only be available through February 14th, so grab it while you can, and you really can't avoid it, as it's only 100L.

Now... to get back to sleep :\


Ember said...

Please where are those shoes from? love them..
love you guys..

Narita said...

they look like the ones from Anexx @ Aoharu. but im sure wren can verify when she comes back tonight. <3

Wrenja said...

Narita is correct, they are the ribbon heels from Anexx