Monday, February 15, 2010

With a Step to the Left & a Flick to the Right

Uh-oh - it's another one of *those* posts again! Mountains of goodies today! Let's run through them real quick, so you can get out there and get them before they're gone!

Outfit - -Glam Affair- ZORY Black/Red (Glam Affair Hunt)

Bangles - -Glam Affair- Studded Bangles in Red (Glam Affair Hunt)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Sunkissed (Group Gift)


Top - oyakin*henkei-knit hunt-green (RP Hunt)

Headpiece - Atleier AM - Mulan light pink glow (RP Hunt)

Bracelet - alamood - Chinese Luck Bracelet (RP Hunt)

Skin - *Leafy* Miso - Lumiel - Golden (RP Hunt)


Lingerie - - Glam Affair - Ramonna Valentine Gift (Glam Affair Hunt)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Cameo (Group Gift)

Ok, let's start with all the Group Gifts, cause there were loads of those this weekend. Cupcakes oh so generously showered their in-world group with a big bag of skins - 5 luscious skin tones, with freckle options! Surf Couture is preemptively celebrating spring with her new red wedge heels (pictured below). Meriken even got in on the gift giving madness with a pair of unisex black jeans (bottom picture). Find it in the bag of rice, on top of the pile next to the desk, at the mainstore.

Dress - aurora shop slip dress (RP Hunt)

Shoes - [SC] Surf Couture - Spring Fling Wedges (Group Gift)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Nutmeg (Group Gift)


Outfit - [Whippet&Buck] Lesley Playsuit (RP Hunt)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - February - Copper (Group Gift)


Dress - !Ohmai: Lantern Dress (RP Hunt)

Have you caught up on all the Valentine's hunts? Cause I'm pretty sure you probably missed the mini-hunt at Glam Affair. Five not so small Cupid Hearts are not very well hidden in the Lover's Loft apartment above the shop. It's a quickie, but the gifts are totally generous! Two outfits, lingerie, a skin & bracelets. Wow! Not sure how long this will be available, so run now!

Top - tomoto, blouse chinoise rouge (RP Hunt)

Pants - Meriken Co. "OFFLINE" Valentino (Store Gift)

Shoes - Duboo*Supermarket Shoes - Red (RP Hunt)

Headpiece - Atelier AM - Chinise headpiece *red (RP Hunt)

Purse - +mocha+ - Shoulder Pochette [Limited Red] (RP Hunt)


Top - This is a Fawn - Happy Panda Tee (RP Hunt)

Pants - "NINIKO"Kung fu Pants (RP Hunt)

Shoes - Beetlebones - Kung Fu Slippers (RP Hunt)


Top - *ARAI* Asian Shirt_red (RP Hunt)

Shorts - Pig - Laughing Kitten Shorts (RP Hunt)

Shoes - Lark - China Doll Flats (RP Hunt)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Red Packet Hunt started yesterday. The shop list for this mini grid-wide is pretty damn outrageous, and the gifts are beyond cute! Rather than link you to each shop, I'll just encourage you to do the full hunt. It's short, sweet and not too hard. Plus the gifts are really worth the effort. I'm finding it hard to delete any of it, quite honestly, and that's kind of insane for a hunt! This is your starting point. You're looking for little red envelopes, some shops will even have more than just one! :O

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