Friday, February 5, 2010

o ^.^ O *pow*

Among the stores going through a re-branding recently, Domestic-V is a new one to the re-branding fray, with a new name, 'Smash Face' and a new line of skins being released today. Mairead has been working hard on the line, with freckles and no freckle options, and a bevvy of gorgeous makeups.

Starting today Mairead will be releasing one makeup a day from the line, for the next 15 days. Each set comes with two skin tones, blonde and dark eyebrow options, and freckles if you so choose. Not to mention those gorgeous lippies, how can you resist? Especially the Hott Flirt, those lips just go POW.

Today's skin release is Gizmo, a gorgeous pink lip, and that slight spacing of the lips that is becoming so popular lately. A ridiculously sexy skin, with eight pieces to help you get the look you want, for only 950L. Eyelashes worn are from Deviant Kitties, and with these skins, only add to the Va-va-vavoom. Smash Face awaits.

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