Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cocon Mall Hunt

A little birdy sent a link my way this morning for a prize in the Cocon Mall Hunt, and I just couldn't help myself but to do it. The gist of the hunt is to get the HUD, and find the 12 coins around the mall. Once you fill your little map up, go to the prize board, fully loaded with 15 prize choices, and click the one you want! You can repeat the hunt for as many prizes as you want. And guess what, there is plenty to go around for both men and women.

You have to be in the group in order to get the HUD to do the hunt, but it's so worth it!

The prize that won me over, and led me to the hunt are these fab boots from *COCO*, made for the hunt. Aren't they just wonderful?! ugh!

You can also get this cozy white sweater by Nano*Style, perfect for the season.

Another prize is this festive skin from Rosy Mood.

And then you have this little blue dress from LIKKA*HOUSE. These are just a four of the fifteen prizes you can personally chose from, so pop over to the hunt and have your way with it!

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