Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Katat0nik Goodness

OK, so matter how jealous you are of Katat0nik's mad skills, you have to love her. She gives out way too many freebies and has way too many sales not to. And today she has more sale love for you.

Near the entrance of the Katat0nik main store is a tree with tons of gifts under it and today some special holiday editions of her Dolly dress have been added. They are only 25L each, which is a fan-fricken-tastic deal.

There is a red and white stripe...

...a green and white stripe...

...and a blue and white stripe (but I only had 16L to my name and couldn't buy it to show you *cries*) However, I do have this great mouth spoon from Lazy Places that is under the tree for 25L also to show you. I hope that makes up for it! XD

OK, get over there and buy these things NOW!

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