Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reasonable Desires Holiday Gifts

My fave store for retro inspired lingerie, Reasonable Desires, has done it again by giving its group members a free gift of this gorgeous ensemble called Anne:

Join the Reasonable Desires group and head over to the main store to click the sign and receive your majorly sexy lingerie. And believe me...men love this style ladies. *wink wink*

If you want to put Reasonable Desires in your picks as well as join the group, you can also come back in a day or two and get this super cute retro holiday dress:

Check out the hair piece that comes with it:

Cute or what??

Hair by Ingenue, either free or 1L at Savoir Hair 2
Skin by Chai, 495L at the outlet store.


Candy Lemmon said...

Which sign exactly should I click?

I've got to have those knickers!

sileny said...

hahah! Ok, when you enter go towards the cotume area, and back near the burlesque and retro items is the group gift signs. if you have any trouble finding them, don't be afraid to open the reasonable desires group chat and ask for help, the employees are great.

Candy Lemmon said...

Yay, thanks cutie!