Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't Break My Heart

OMG it's almost Valentine's Day!

Dress - deviant girls - bonbon dress - FREE (CHH)

Box - Agent Orange - V-Day Breakup Box (wear) - $100L

Eyes/Tears - ::UH::SitsuRen(pink) - FREE (CHH)

Well, the Cupid Heart Hunt has got the Valentine's holiday spirit off to a fabulous start! 27 amazing shops, all with super generous gifts - some with more than just one! And omg the cuteness! There's everything from dresses to houseplants, as well as lots of stuff for guys! Plus, it's really pretty challenging. I managed it in a couple of hours, but still haven't found everything. So grab a few friends, or make friends along the way. Heck, it is Valentine's afterall... ;) The starting point is HERE, and you follow along just like a traditional gridwide. You've got till the 14th to find them all!

Dress - *MIU* coco (platinum) - FREE (CHH)

Shoes - R2 "Hokulea" Blue - FREE (CHH)

Bag - [Pacadi] - Yfke Bag [midnight] - FREE (SoM Group Gift)

Eyes - ::UH::KOi(blue) - FREE (CHH)


Outfit - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight Dress - FREE (CHH)

Shoes - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - FREE (CHH)

Jewelry - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - Necklace & Bracelet - FREE (CHH)

Bow - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight - Ribbon - FREE (CHH)

Glasses - NALA-*Heart* - FREE (CHH)

Letter - .+*AA*+. Love Letter - FREE (CHH)


Jacket - FurFur_jacket(love)**nikukyu**(MNK*SHOP) - FREE (CHH)

Skirt - oyakin*fril-miniskirt(used*flower - FREE (CHH)

Chocolate - +SPICA+White Chocolate - FREE (CHH)

Okay, let's talk fashion, cause there's a buttload and a half in this post (and, I promise, it's not even scratching the surface of all that you'll find in the hunt)! The dress in the top picture is from Deviant Girls. The eyes are from Umedama Holic and they come with animated prim tears. The box is the latest release from Agent Orange, called the Breakup Box and it's way too clever.

The second picture has a shot of the MIU dress, the R2 shoes, the group gift handbag from Pacadi, the full ensemble from Mocha, the cropped jacket from MNK Shop & the skirt from Oyakin. You can even see one of the chocolates from Spica, one of the love letters from Atelier AM, and the glasses from NALA, that come with rosy prim cheeks.

Avatar - Niyari - cococara - FREE (CHH)

Last, but not least, is the avatar from Niyari. It's so freaking adorable, you can guarantee you'll be seeing your fair share of these around the grid before Valentine's is over. Is it wrong that I want to nom myself?


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<---would nom you in any of those outfits including but not limited to the last yummy one!

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