Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does "Excellent" Still Sound Like A 1990's Film Reference?

I guess I'm kind of lucky Wren was kidnapped because my post is dedicated to dasies and the colour yellow. x: Also the adjectives "amazing" and "awesome" because I need to read more books...
Paradisis was a much loved store of mine a long time ago. They sort of dissapeared and I admittidly forgot about them until Wren made a post a few months back. So fortunately they're back and they've had some awesome new releases in the past few months.
For the next few days they have a spring/Easter hunt on in collabiration with a few other stores on the sim. You can find hints on the Paradisis blog.

The top, jeans, bracelet, choker, dress and anklet are all on the hunt. Along with a mouth daisy I forgot about because it replaced my antlers and a second, shorter top I would have blogged if SL hadn't eaten it after I'd gotten into my photography session. x.x
No pics of the other stores invovled but I definitely recommend picking up Lou Lou and Co's eggs for some pretty jewellery.

The Micky-Mouse-boy print (I really don't know what it is x: ) on Ricielli's latest group sim gift is above faun understanding but this skirt is high-waisted, which is a pretty awesome thing for skirts to be. The belt and skirt top also fit me perfectly, which makes me happy and also kind of suprised. If you're not so into skirts or the amazing colour yellow, the belt can be used in other outfits. :3

Kind of an interesting point for clothing makers making highwaisted and corseted clothing, I noticed that the texture leaked onto the arms. I didn't notice it when fully rezzed but when things are still loading you'll see a yellow colour under your arms. The clothing is no mod but I think it's fixable by allowing the clothing to have modify permissions or making sure the sliders are correct before making it no mod.

Skin - Vive9 - Group Notices (150L to join)
Dress, Top, Jeans, Daisy Accessories - Paradisis - Easter/Spring Hunt
Bra Top - L. Fauna - Starlust Egg Hunt
Skirt - Ricielli - Freebie (The notice said members but it has a regular buy option, this may change in future but it's good to make a group space for them as there's that pretty black dress in the notices. If I was more organised this post would contain fewer references to unpictured items. <.< )
Poses - Piddidle - Freebie

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