Thursday, April 1, 2010


Good Morning my pretties, with the Bacchanal well under way, I should probably show you some more of the beautiful lovelies available for you to claim. I mean, with prices starting at 13L, you really would be stupid it skip it and you have to be fast, as the Bacchanal is never around for long. So seriously, go now, before you really do feel stupid for missing it.

This whole 'having a blog' thing is actually kind of fun. I'm starting to see the appeal. It's fun to play attention whore :D lookitmelookitmelookitmeeeeeeeee~ I decided to try on a different skin, the new Iris skin from Tacky Star, which I love, but it's not... really.... me.

Silent Sparrow delighted me with her new batty releases. I love batties, I'd like you to met Batsworth Battinger, he's my best friend. He completely approves of Silent Sparrow's contribution to the Bacchanal, and thinks you should get over there post haste. Before it ends... which is very, very soon. Like, tomorrow even.

The Black Canary is so formal, but this Lion tamer set is fantastic! Mister Battinger approves of this as well, I'm quite fond of the whip on my hip as well hehe that rhymed. I like rhyming. The megaphone is part of a pose pack available at the fair as well. I ALSO LIKE YELLING INTO MEGAPHONES WEEEEEEE!

What? You really want to see Wren? Oh fine. Here she is, very drugged up, and in Sn@tch's 'In the ring' corset dress. And matching skin, that comes with the clown nose I'm wearing above. I even cleaned her up for you so you can see the skin well. That won't last though heeeee~ I'll be honest though, this dolly is starting to bore me. I might need to find a new one... maybe the feeds can help~


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Croon said...

"Before it ends... which is very, very soon. Like, tomorrow even."

You'll be happy to know that one little comment structured my whole day. :P

(AKA: made me work m'buns off.)