Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Am Always Last Minute

Totally sporadic post from me full of things I think you have to grab in the next few hours, not just 'cause they're great but also 'cause they're limited freebies. x:

First off, Posies has a new 1L pose out everyday of the week, every week. This is an offer that's been going on for quite a while I've always meant to blog but never got around to. Today's pose is Glam. :3
One of these poses will have been Monday's but I'm not sure which, I didn't check in yesterday. x.x

Glam and Dramatic

Turn and I See


The awesome jacket and armwarmers is Ancayi's Chase the Beast Hunt prize, which ends about now. This store is second on the list but I'd recommend trying to do the whole hunt if you have time 'cause there's some good finds. :3 It starts at Lou Lou and Co and you're looking for a scroll. Helpful blog is helpful. :3
The skin is a freebie at Vive9, I think it also dissapears today. In case you hadn't heard yet, Vive9 is closing down so the owner can focus on real life and she's put out all her vintage retired skins and several pieces of unreleased clothing for free. I was seriously happy when I got in and found out 'cause I loved these skins and worried when she retired them. And we'll avoid mentioning the shapes. Good luck getting in. x:

And lastly I took all these pics in a skybox that's a pick gift at Lithium. If I'd taken a better selection of pictures you'd see it's quite small with three large windows but alas, I wasn't sure moving about a lot was a good idea with the windlight lag. x:

Skin - Vive9 - Closing freebie
Jacket and Armwarmers - Ancayi - Chase the Beast Hunt prize
Poses - Posies - Daily Dollarbie
Skybox - Lithium - Picks Reward

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