Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ah, Constantine, what wickedness was born?

Literally backstage at the fitting for the Sn@tch fashion show scheduled to take place on Wednesday the 22nd at 7:30 pm, and there is a lot of gorgeous abound, beautiful designs from Nomine, Forsaken, and as to be expected Sn@tch. I threw on a recent release, and a couple of sets that are personal favorites of mine, as well as some new hair that totally deserves attention, like the AMAZING Auguste hair from Nushru. You've seen this on the blog for weeks now, since I hardly take it off. It's edgy, current and totally gorgeous, I love the asymmetrical bangs, it's like Quiver made the hair especially for me. Right now you can only get it at Hair Fair, which runs through the weekend.

Two of my favorite sets you can get at Sn@tch would be the Militant Pacifist tops (surprise), as well as the Marie Corset dress. They are so diametrically opposed, but look at how awesome they look together. She is a girl who will stomp on your face, and then touch up her makeup before she sets off to her next conquest. Finishing off the look is the Crush hair from Red Queen, which just so happens to be 50% off right now, which means the hair is actually affordable for once. I highly suggest you take advantage of this sale, which ranges from 25-75% off. Meaning some hairs are as little at 75L, and considering how ridiculously priced Red Queen hair regularly is, you really need to take the chance while you've got it.

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