Saturday, September 4, 2010

And we find ourselves here again.

Panel one
On Kris:
The Stringer Mausoleum 'Rose Red' hair (nightshines red) - 113 for four colors
TSM 'Beauty' fables night out set (1 of 5) -300L
On Wren:
TSM 'Rose Red' hair (nightshines black) - 113 for four colors
+++Blue Blood+++ 'Fae' dress (purple) - 113L
Panel two
On Kris:
TSM 'Briar Rose' fables night out set (1 of 5) -300L
On Wren:
+++BB+++ 'Fae' dress (Teal) -113L
Panel Three
On Kris:
+++BB+++ 'Tale' dress (Red) - 13L gacha
On Wren:
+++BB+++ 'Fae' dress (Pink) - 113L

On Kris:
+++BB+++ 'Tale' Dress (Black) - 13L gacha
On Wren:
TSM 'Cinderella' Fables Night Out
set (1 of 5) -300L
TSM 'Briar Rose' Boots (Monochrome) - 31L gacha rare gift

The Bacchanal is back, until Sunday when it will disappear again, don't miss it!

Your Designers this time around are:

+++BlueBlood+++ - Ghanima Uriza
Stringer Mausoleum - Helena Stringer
ImmateriA - Naenia Demina (Hosting)
The Black Canary - Morrigan Denimore
Nightshade - Belladonna Mureaux
City.of.Dis - Wrenja Czaczkes
Sugar.Snap.Me - Marrrriaa Quintessa

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