Sunday, September 5, 2010

A little bit too busy today

I don't really have time to compose comic panels today, but don't worry the story shall continue in the next few days. Until then tho, it behooves me to show you more of the amazing items available at The Black Bacchanal WHICH ENDS TONIGHT xO

Starting off with The Black Canary's 'He Lurks in Darkness' inspired by spooky bad guy Mister Dark. Beautifully made, with some gorgeous subtle details. Morrigan expertly captured the characters style with this fantastic set. There is also a fabulous hand held skull for you to claim to complete the set.

I felt it important to show this set on black, so you could really see the details the ribcage imprinted upon the top. It's subtle, and gorgeous, and when you really get a good look at it you realize you need this set even more than you thought you did. And, don't forget that lovely jabot with skull decoration.

ImmateriA has brought some creative and fun ideas to the table, equally creative and impressive. The genie lamp is amazing, especially when you get a good look at it, I can't adequately show in pictures what you see in reality, but there is a sample out for you to get a good look, and it's only three prims! I'm in love with the Briar Thorn necklace, it's so romantic, and goes beautifully with the Teller of Tales set they have out as well

Rounding out this post is one of my favorite items available, there are many favorites, but this one is kind of special, because I have a special place in my heart for Lumi the Snow Queen. The Stringer Mausoleum has a whole line of Lumi skins in a gacha for 31L. You really can't beat that price. There are eight skins to claim, two tones available and four makeups each. Expertly crafted and gorgeous on, you might as well try your luck and get a bunch.

So like I said, THE BLACK BACCHANAL ENDS TONIGHT. Do not lose your chance to get these gorgeous pieces, you'll more than likely never see these prices again, but it's also entirely possible you'll never see these items again.

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