Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bold makeup, yes?

First came the Lamb 'Glass Candy' hair. "When meshes are introduced I'll make you a data jack and we'll cyberpunk role play for a week." he said. Can you imagine? Ugh, it's like the most beautiful thing, and all I can really think about since it was said. Shaved heads, data jacks, and now this new skin from Tres Blah exclusively at the newest Designers United event with it's glossy black eye makeup. It's so Barbarella I can hardly stand it. I nearly bought it the night DU opened but held off until this morning when I couldn't take it anymore. This new round of DU is only running until the 26th, so make your decisions quickly, or you're gonna miss out and cry profusely because you didn't buy this skin.

Tres Blah isn't the only store with a new release to make you makeup mavens squirm with glee. Cupcakes dropped their new London line of skins yesterday, and you can not ignore the 'Lime' makeup. I'm in love with the eyebrows as well for whatever reason, they're the perfect shade of black, where as other skins don't quite get it right. Not cheap, but these aren't crap skins either and are worth the investment. Dominate, intimidate, and be fabulous my lovelies.


Sydd Sinister said...

that Tres Blah skin looks AMAZING on you AMAZING!!!! wear it forever, ok not really but wear it a lot it looks so good

Wrenja said...

ahhh thank you so much Sydd! <333

Nately said...

OMG that makeup is to freaking die for. I wish girls would do this stuff irl. Usually the one's brave enough to do it look a hot mess after it's done. Although there's always exceptions there just aren't enough of them.