Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I wore

If you couldn't be there, you should know the Sn@tch fashion show was a sight to behold, and went off without a hitch. It was so much fun to take part in and the crowd was amazing! I really want to thank Ivey for letting me take part in it this year, it was a fantastic experience. If you weren't there, and hell, even if you were, here is a closer look at the outfits I wore on the runway, with all of the details so that you an recreate these looks yourself.

Everyone went crazy for the Riding Hood set from Nomine, and with just cause, from the gorgeous skirt to the intricate cloak, there is plenty to lust over here. My second look was unquestionably more casual, but no less stunning, there was at least one comment from the crowd about how gorgeous the ruffles on the gelato top were, and the fangbanger velvet pants are a fantastic match to this top. I hope you guys had as much fun coming to the event as I had being in it, I can't wait to see what Ivey pulls out of her hat next year!

Finally a huge thanks to everyone involved, Ivey, Munch, Vincentvile, and Yukio. You put together an amazing show guys!

P.s. - get on that skybox Yukio :O pretty plz!

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