Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Escape

The Fall 2010 Twisted Hunt is in full swing and I'm here to show you some of the fantastic gifts waiting to be found. Haven't started the hunt yet? Don't worry, you have until the 30th to grab all of the amazing goodies it has to offer.

Hair: Battle Angel 'Tweety Black Heaven' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Skin: Skinthesis 'Porcelaina (Female) Twisted Edition' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Dress: [Sassy Kitty Designs] 'Hallow's Heart Dress (Bloody)' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Shoes: ..Fatal Error:.. 'Psychopath Combat Boots' - Twisted Hunt Gift

This sexy little black dress is just one of three items included in the gift from [Sassy Kitty Designs], and comes in a clean, sheer, and bloody version. The awesome combat boots are a gift from ..:Fatal Error:.. and feature color changing laces, a walksound you can turn on/off, and an emitter version that leaves a trail of bloody boot prints behind you.

[XIII] 'Twisted Cottage' - Twisted Hunt Gift

Don't forget about the lovely doll skin from Skinthesis, which comes in both male and female versions. Battered, bloody, and scratched, I topped off the broken doll look with the gorgeous hair gift from Battle Angel. Both images above were taken inside [XIII]'s Twisted Cottage, which comes with your own harvesting table, blood-filled sink, and storage crates.

Skin: Heartsick 'Enchant : Illusion : Twisted One' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Ears: Shitz N Giggles 'Twisted Elf Ears' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Outfit: LIKKA*HOUSE 'Lonely Night' - Twisted Hunt Gift

This adorable outfit from LIKKA*HOUSE comes complete with prim garters and a unisex tophat. The stars around the hat slowly rotate and flicker on and off, and the combination of flowers, skeleton arms, and black bird make me think of a magic act gone wonderfully wrong.

Skin: Heartsick 'Enchant : Illusion : Twisted One' - Twisted Hunt Gift
Ears: Shitz N Giggles 'Twisted Elf Ears' - Twisted Hunt Gift

And believe me, pictures don't do these elf ears from Shitz N Giggles justice. I love all the little details about them, especially the bold "TWISTED" tucked into the chain. The ears are scripted with 12 different skin tones to choose from. I've paired them with the skin gift from Heartsick, which comes in three makeups and has an optional beauty mark version of each.

So what are you waiting for? This is just a small sampling of all the great gifts you'll find on the Twisted Hunt. Click here to teleport to +DV8+ and get started.

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