Saturday, August 14, 2010

Barefoot in the Snow

On the half of the world I stand on, it's Winter right now =) but here it's never really that cold so I've never seen real snow (because, honestly, muddy snow at the side of the road doesn't count, does it? =P hehehe). So, since SL gives me snowy places whenever I can, all year round, I decided to run barefoot in the snow for my post today *happy dance*

The first thing I wanted to show you is this *points to picture above* So adorably cute!. It's a complete avatar by Djinn & Tonic. I had a close look at it and it's honestly very well done =)
In this post you'll see me putting the avatar to test *evil laughter* because most complete avatars look awesome as they come, but when you start mix and matching them with other stuff, they stop looking that wonderful. Well guess what? with this one it didn't happen!!. It endured all my tests and passed =P

Ok so, I'm really picky about skins, so the first thing I did was change the shape to see how well the skin adjusted to it. If you have shopped for skins in SL for a while, I'm sure you know not all of them are flattering for every shape, while on certain shapes they look absolutely amazing. My usual shape has big eyes, puffy cheeks, small round lips and a pointy chin... so yeah, half the times when I try on skins I end up looking like a weirdly mutated mantis. So This is how I looked when I tried on the skin with my own shape:

This would be the moment to scream *OMG CUTE* =P
The skin adjusts to different shapes very well as well, and if you can see on the picture too, the eyes that come with it are lovely also. The hair is also a part of the complete avatar and it's really nicely done. The roses are sculpted and they come separately, so you can recolor them to match them to your clothes.
The necklace worn in the picture is the Kakkoi necklace by Cobrahive, which is also very well done, with very realistic textures.

Here you can see my full body, I'm wearing a RunoRuno outfit called "UNDress Cocktail Black", I'm wearing most of it, but not the full outfit, so there's more to it (leggins, collar, etc). It's almost entirely sculpted and very well executed... now the main thing that comes to mind when I think of RunoRuno is "value for money", because most of the items cost around 50L, and you can still see the hard work in them.
The awesome green pants are the Lacey pants by Trap. They are hand drawn/painted just like Selos' skins, and definitely a must have for missmatching lovers. The amount of details into them is amazing. If you zoom in close enough you can see every stitching on the cloth heheheh. I love them!

Finally, the lovely sim I'm at is AM Radio's Idia Laboratories, and you can get there by clicking here. As for the poses I used, they are from a japanese shop called "SHISEIDo?" and you can get there by clicking here.




Kim said...

Where are the avatar and skin from?

Wrenja said...

It's from Djinn & Tonic, sorry about the technical difficulties xD