Thursday, August 12, 2010

yayyyy First Post!!

Hello Everyone!
This is the first of what I hope will be a series of awesome posts as guest blogger for one of my favorite blogs!

I'm a fan of good clothing and skins and hair... gosh I love it all. SO! I will be making a series of humble reviews, showing you what I like and hoping that not only you will like it too but also that it will help you find what you were looking for =)

This is the outfit I put toghether for my first post:

it's a mix of two outfits that I love. The dress is a Soleil dress called "La Fleur Triste". It's very original. I specially love the feathery ends of the skirt. It moves very softly while you walk.
Underneath that dress, I'm wearing the Erstaz catsuit by Gauze.

The texturing on that catsuit is the FINEST I have seen... EVER!. The same goes for the matching bracers, also part of the same outfit, by the same creator.

Now these boots are called Kboots are I am honestly not sure if the creator even has an inworld shop... but they are some of the best boots I have seen out there. Click here to check them out on xstreet.

now this is a big closeup to you get to see the hair, skin and accessories in detail. The hair is by Magika, do you see the little chain details? lovely! I love all of her hair. Now the glasses, piercings and collar are by Cobrahive, they have some of the best accessories I have, and her mainstore is always a delightful place to hang out at.
The Skin is by Trap... I just love those skins, they are entirely hand drawn/painted, truly hand crafted work u.u seriously, they make me drool. See how soft it looks? Almost anime-ish.

The poses that I used are from Oracul
and the pictures were taken at the Blue Blood Mainstore island

Well that's it for today =D
I hope you liked what you saw!




Wrenja said...

Great first post! <3333

Ghanima Uriza said...

yayyyyy! =P ty

Narita said...

wooohooo! yay 1st post!! :D

Helena Stringer said...

I am tempted to steal you away for my own blog =)

ColeMarie Soleil said...

Thank you miss Ghani I <3 you

Wrenja said...

I will fight you Helena :O <3

Ghanima Uriza said...

awww you guys <33333 I am so happy you liked it!! *gives everyone ice cream*