Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woeful? Hardly.

Today brings a lot of fun goodies. Starting with +++Blue Blood+++ and their set for today's Woeful Wednesday. You don't know about Woeful Wednesday? Well, you probably should, it's new though so don't feel too bad about it. Consider it the goth 50L Friday. Anyway, Ghanima has released 'Lorelai' a darling babydoll that converts to a cute set of lingerie, for only 50L. Lovely.

I know you're eying my jewelry. God knows I was eying it when I first saw it sitting on the lovely Violet Voltaire's neck the other night. I love how effortlessly she jumps from playful candy jewelry to a gorgeous, delicate antique looking piece. The Timekiller set actually keeps time, but comes with unscripted pieces as well if you're trying to cut down on lag. Amazing earrings, a necklace and matching bracelet round out this beautiful set. Don't deny it, you can't. Just go get it now.

Rounding out the post are the new Khitten heels from A-Bomb that you can find at Shoe Fair. These are the thick heel with suede heels, and are darling. The color change options don't hurt either, and the HUD is ridiculously easy to use. On top of that 25% of all sales will be going to soles4souls, and these shoes are totally inexpensive you should really give them a chance.

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