Monday, August 23, 2010

Ben Hawkins was lookin' our way

So Narita somehow conned me into writing this sucker up, when the last thing I really wanted to do is write up a blog post, but I've been in the middle of a gigantic lazy today. Or maybe it was the past few days. Heeee. Last night's new Miel release shook it out of us for a little while at least. Have you ever had the desire to look like a depression era dust bowl farm girl? Cause Miel can totally make that happen for you. I just wish I had a dirty skin to really bring the look to life.

It makes me think of amazing television shows that have since passed, like Carnivale. All we need now is an epic power struggle between good and evil and a creepy preacher. You have a lot of options with this set, you can buy it piece by piece in five different colors (175L for the top, 225L for the skirt), or you can buy the whole set that is completely color and texture change for 875L. This set is full prim clothing, so DO make sure to stop by Miel and get a demo of it before you buy it. Over exaggerated assets might have a bit of an issue here.

You know you can't complete the outfit without cowboy boots, and really, these new release Dandy cowboy boots will fulfill any need you'll ever have for cowboy boots. The come in two styles, 'Flor' and solid color, and are color change with five different colors available. The Floral stitching on the Flor boots is darling, and you totally can't complain about the price.


Narita said...

yay! teamwork! \o/ XD <333

Olela said...

Awesome stuff, cool blogpost!
You rock girls! :)

Wrenja said...

why thank you ^^