Thursday, August 19, 2010

Givin' It Up for a Good Thing

I had hopped to get this post up last week, but another major computer meltdown put the kaibosh on that idea :/ Oh well, Shoe Fair ends this weekend, so, if for some cockamamie reason you *still* haven't been, or are sitting on your demos, now is the time to go! :O

Shoes - *GF* Knot Wedge Sandal -green- $180

Shoppers looking to add a little compassion to their fashion are spoiled for choice at this year's Shoe Fair. Everyone is pitching in to raise money for this year's charity Soles4Souls. Loads of shops are donating portions of certain sales, or all sales, and others still have set aside full 100% profits from special items. I picked out just 3 of my favorites for this post, but seriously, just go get them all. It's for a great cause, plus you get pretties for your feet by being generous. Win-win!

The shoes in the top picture are part of the much-celebrated new releases from G Field. The photo doesn't do them justice. The quality of the texture is stunning! The depth of the shading and the subtlety of the sculpt really give the feel of silky ribbon. In my opinion, these shoes are among the best designs of the fair, and that green is irresistible! You also have the option of getting these in silver - equally gorgeous. Plus they are totally affordable, so it's pretty much mandatory, right? Right!

Top - Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank - Violet - $100L
Jeans - Armidi Limited - A001 Jeans [Black Industrial] - $145L (set of 3)
Shoes - MIEL FAR BOOTS - SOLID - $420L

The boots at Miel pretty much floored me. Not just because they are finely crafted, but because you get so much bang for your buck! In addition to being a totally affordable and fabulous pair of boots, they are color change! It's like getting a fatpack of some great stompin' boots for 1/2 the price of what others charge for a single pair. Completely practical, tons of options & combinations, absolutely a do-not-miss!

Top - Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank - Burgundy - $100L
Shorts - (Elephant Outfitters) Joan Jean Shorts - Dark Rustic - $63L
Shoes - GOS [Docs V2] 8 Hole - BLACK - $300L
Skybox - The Rippen Vintage Beach Shack Skybox - $1L

Speaking of some gorgeous boots.... Kittens, the charity set of Docs from Gos are *stunning*! Like jaw droppingly wow! And OMG - you get sooooo much for such a cheap price! I honestly did not believe it when I first saw it. You get a pair of their famous 8-hole docs, in perfect basic black leather, plus an exclusive polish in old black (see inset photo) that makes them look worn in. In addition to all that, the base for the docs comes with 3 shoe shapes to choose from - Pristine (fully tied), Abused (half tied) and Loose (pictured above), all controlled by a blue drop down menu. To change the polish, just wear the little polish can to load the texture into the shoe script memory. Then it's ready for you anytime you want a change. I totally want to go back and get every other color now! :o

A lot of the clothes used in this post are from Armidi. And, yeah, I know you've already been there done that 5 times now about the Armidi sale, but on the off chance you've resisted or thought you were too cool, you're just being a doofus. The sale ends tomorrow! Go! Now! Stock up on some ridiculously well made basics. I've said it a million times, but it's the truth - they have hands-down the *BEST* denim on the grid. If you get nothing else, just fatpack all things denim. You won't regret it.

The setting for all of the pictures in this post is the latest Dollarabie Skybox from La Flat. It's a sweet little, distressed beach shack box, complete with kitschy wall decor and an animated window seat. Find it upstairs with the rest of the $1L items, which you should totally grab while you're there! There's even an in-store hunt on till the 21st - 10 little pillows filled with gifts, just $1L each! :D


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