Saturday, August 14, 2010

Skin Vision

Let me present to you one of my absolute ESSENTIALS. Something I can not, and WILL not live without. J's thigh high heels. With a grid overflowing with expensive heels with prim toes and color change options and crazy designs, J's thigh highs stand alone in their simplicity in design, and mastery in their craft. I received my first pair as a gift last year for my birthday, and my shoe life has never been the same. You've no doubt seem them countless times on the blog, since I wear them constantly. Why? Well all of the reasons listed above, and just the fact that they are beyond sexy, and still completely classy.

You will find these gorgeous shoes at Shoe Fair with a portion of the price of everything in the store going to the soles4souls charity. Each pair comes with three lengths, 'short' which still goes over the knee, mid length and then high. I am particularly fond of the high option.

These shoes retail for 450L per pair, but they are worth every penny. I will totally recommend the fatpack tho, 1600L for 7 pairs, that's almost half off, and if you buy it at Shoe Fair, a nice chunk of that goes straight to the charity. I generally don't promote fatpacking, but these shoes are versatile, beautiful, and literally a must have. Don't lose this chance to give to a good cause, and get what will no doubt become your favorite shoes.

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Soles4Souls Inc. said...

We're thankful for all the Second Life users who have been so generous to supported Soles4Souls. So far, users have given enough funds to provide shoes to over 2,300 children.

Another way you can parter with Soles4Souls is by donating your unused shoes that are just taking up closet space. By doing so, you will help us continue to provide shoes to the millions of people across the world who desperately need them.