Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you ready?

Yes, it's been quiet around here lately. But it's only because we've been trying to prepare ourselves for RFL Clothing Fair 2010. I starts today at 3PM and is nine sims of beautiful, fantastic clothing. There is so much good stuff, but as a teaser, I'm going to show you my absolute favorite RFL outfit I've found so far. It comes from Solange! a store I discovered at the Clothing Fair last year. I was totally in love with her outfit then, but seeing this set blows everything out of the water. The details are amazing, the gears move, and have fun trying to find any seams in those rich and delicious textures.

Right now is an interesting time as I find myself reflecting a lot on the past year. Last year at this time I came clean with my Mother's cancer diagnosis and my only request of you was to go spend a pile at RFL. The outpouring of love and support I received from all of you helped me in such an immeasurable way, and I still thank you to this day for every thing you did for me, no matter how small. I never asked for much, I could never do so to begin with, but the generosity I encountered was spirit lifting and really helped me get through that hard time.

Today my Mother is cancer free. She'll be on watch for about five years, but she is totally dedicated to being a soldier for her own cause, and is living a happy and full life. It is because of the money that is poured in to cancer research that this is possible. Even five years ago my Mother's diagnosis would have been far more grim. So please take today to think about your family and loved ones who have found themselves face to face with this demon, those that could and tell them you love them. Then GO SPEND YOUR BUTTS OFF AT RFL :D

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Harper Beresford said...

Wrenja, I spent my ass off at RFL. Then I hit my slider and plumped it up again. That being said, thanks for sharing how personal RFL is to you and how important it is for everyone to drop some linden on fun for themselves and funds for research and care of people with cancer all over the world. And man, you look like you want to kick some ass in that outfit! (Hopefully it's not mine..)